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On Tue. January 14, 2014: There has been an update to the blog widget called: twitter! Check it out at Blogs->My Blogs->[blog_name]->options. You will have to add it back to your blog if you were using it.

On Tue. January 14, 2014: There has been an update to the blog widget called: twitter! Check it out at Blogs->My Blogs->[blog_name]->options. You will have to add it back to your blog if you were using it.

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They can't make bobsled teams out of black box material, dumbass.
And also: you cannot out exercise a bad diet. Not most mortals anyway (myself included). The level of workout I'm capable of even for 40 minutes or an hour would be wiped out by one piece of cake. Eating and drinking whatever the hell I felt like is what got me into this mess, and getting stricter about it will be what gets me out.

On Loss In the blog Luna Tics
I know how that works, I just know that extreme workouts mean I can't move for weeks. I've done it before. I don't have the bandwidth in my life for that right now. So yes, a happy medium is much more manageable. Even now I could get back into walking. I just need to make the time for it. I really want to do weights again but I have to have the boys help me - I can't get the weight on the bench with just one arm. The problem with that is my best time to exercise is early morning, when everyone is still asleep. By the the time we're all in the same place at the same time, not working on school or dinner or other activities, it's 7 pm or later and I'm beat by then (because of the whole waking up at 3 am thing). I'll figure it out. Just have to be more motivated & creative.

On Loss In the blog Luna Tics
Luna you’ll have all that pain because the muscles aren’t used to it. Once it became a routine they won’t be in as much pain. Not suggesting you go as extreme as Lerm, he was a soldier so he’s used to that, but a happy medium would be more manageable. Once the arm healed anyway. Obviously now it’s not as much of an option.

On Loss In the blog Luna Tics
I love people watching. Everyone else is always far more entertaining than me!
Lerm, not remotely possible. I would be in pain far longer than 20 minutes - joint pain, muscle pain, etc. to the point of not being able to move. I have too much life shit to get done for that to be realistic for me (not to mention I'm still dealing with this broken arm). I do need to get back to working out regularly - walks and weights - just need to be able to complete my other life activities, too. Mary, I do think we have a lot of parallels. I'm getting to the point where I can recognize bad stuff, and sometimes even cry about it, but not for very long. I usually get back to "Oh well, that's how my life always goes" in a shockingly short amount of time.

On Loss In the blog Luna Tics
Nothing beats weight like really intensive exercise - like to the point where you are either going to vomit or shit yourself. Give that a go for a month - it is also really good for stress. Then taper it back. Just don't have a heart attack in the mean time. Beats any diet in the world. 40 minutes a day - 20 of which you are in real pain

On Loss In the blog Luna Tics
So you're saying there's a chance. EXCELLENT.
Steve, you have a husband who appreciates your ironing prowess? I had no idea!

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